Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most asked questions from our clients. Do you have a question that’s not on the list? Please, give us a call and we would be happy to advise you on your personal mortgage and insurance needs.


  • What is the home loan application process like?

    At Advanced Mortgage Solutions, the home loan application process is made as simple as possible. This will allow you to save time, money and effort. Above all it gives you the piece of mind your application is in the best hands possible.

    We have completed thousands of applications for clients looking to purchase their first home, second home, or holiday batch. From the experience of our experts we’ve developed our famous 'Step by Step Guide to Purchasing Property'. This has helped thousands of people through the buying process.

    Whether it is your first time purchasing a home or you find yourself, upgrading, or down sizing. We can help you get the perfect mortgage or home loan. We offer this detailed guide to all those looking at purchasing property, even if it's not your first time. Indeed we know and understand not everybody buys a home every week. The process can at times seem a little overwhelming.

    Let us help you arrange the best finance available, and best of all our service is free of charge.
    Please contact us on 0508 466 356 or fill in the contact form and we’d be happy to send you the totally free guide.

    In addition to this guide, please, review our Client Guarantee. This outlines step by step how our office will guide you through the process.

  • How To Apply For An Investment Loan?

    Applying for a loan for an investment property is technically similar to applying for a normal home loan. The main difference is that as a property investor, you wouldn’t just go and get a mortgage. Indeed you need to find an investment property. You would normally consider the types of properties that you should go for: cash flow properties or capital growth properties.

    You also need to consider your future financing capacity if you have the capacity and desire to purchase more investment properties. You don’t have to know all the technical details but you should inform your finance adviser about your plan. This is because by selecting only one lender they can greatly affect your borrowing capacity.

    A property investor will also need to have their tax structure and asset protection considered prior to purchase. This because they need to purchase the investment property in the correct structure. Advanced Mortgage Solution’s mortgage strategists are fully aware of the importance of these issues and will refer you to the professionals that can help you.


  • What Happens After I Apply?

    After you have decided to apply for a loan, Advanced Mortgage Solutions will fill in the loan application. This is based on the information you provide to us. You don’t have to do any paper work. However you need you to supply minimum documentation for the approval process, and of course sign the appropriate consent forms.

    Depending on the lenders that you chose to use, some lenders accept electronic application lodgement, which means faster approvals and turnaround time, while others accept only paper applications, which take longer to be processed.

    We will lodge your loan application upon receiving your signature on relevant documents. The loan process will start after that. 

  • What Happens When I Speak To A Mortgage Broker?

    Advanced Mortgage Solutions has developed our own unique methods to handle enquiries and appointments. These methods are by over the phone and email. Indeed we can assist clients from all over New Zealand to finance properties located in any area of New Zealand or Australia. As long any application meets the lenders criteria.

    If you would like to learn more about mortgage brokers check out our Free Advice for Mortgage and Loan Solutions page.  So we can better assist your lending needs as opposed to going straight to the bank,

  • What Information Do I Need?

    When you first contact Advanced Mortgage Solutions our client service department will ask you questions about your needs and they will inform you as to how we may help you with your situation.

    Once we are clear on what you require, we will assign one of our experienced Mortgage Brokers to look after you personally. Remember we have helped thousands of property investors like you. You will be in good hand with us.

    So please contact our office on 03 980 4541 and our friendly client service officers will explain the process to you.

  • What Questions Should I Ask?

    If this is your first time contacting Advanced Mortgage Solutions, you will probably need to organise a time to meet. This will allow us to find what kind of home loan or service you require from us. This can range from organising a mortgage application or refinance an existing mortgage. Alternatively simply look for different options that may be available to you.

    If you have an existing loan application with us, you will already have a contact person for your application that you can contact directly. However we keep you regularly updated as a matter of course.

    Existing clients also call Advanced Mortgage Solutions simply because they have found a potential property to purchase. Also because they want to know what finance options are available to them. Our mortgage specialists give simple answers immediately. So by over the phone we have got all existing client’s information in our computer systems.

    If you would like to review more information before giving us a call, our Free Advice for Mortgage and Loan Solutions page is a great place to start.

  • Why Use An Advanced Mortgage Solution's Mortgage Broker?

    First of all, all our mortgage brokers become fully accredited with the New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association. They have the highest standards when it comes to providing a professional service. 

    Secondly, if there are buyers looking to purchase a property. It is nearly impossible for you to keep an eye on the thousands of mortgage products that are available in the market. Even harder to track new mortgage products that may create more business opportunities for you.

    The company has a mortgage broker that only services residential property market. Hence you will benefit from the latest finance information, lender policies and products. We are often referred to by our clients as "one of the best sources of property and finance information for residential purchasers that are out there making things happen". Advanced Mortgage Solutions won’t talk theories; we are in the market just like you.

  • Scott is wonderful to work with, which made the hole process so much easier and stress free. Highly qualified highly recommended. In there for the customers
    Karla Botting - 06 December 2023
  • Scott was fantastic to work with, honest and hard working, went the extra mile on everything, explained the nitty gritty jargon into easy to understand. Got us a great deal on our mortgage, put us with the right people. All in all 6 stars, if your buying then definitely call Scott at AMS!!
    Hamish Neilson - 06 December 2023
  • I used Scott at Advanced Mortgage Solutions for my first home purchase and am currently repurchasing a property through him again. Has been absolutely amazing and made the process extremely easy. Would recommend to anyone looking for a mortgage broker in Christchurch!
    Stacy Kamo - 29 November 2023
  • Scott and the team at Advanced Mortgage Solutions are great! Very knowledgeable and they make the house buying process very simple and easy to understand. Cannot recommend them enough!
    Scott Harris - 20 November 2023
  • Friendly and personalized service. Always happy to answer all my questions and love getting to see Gus when we meet in-person.
    Lisa French - 20 November 2023

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