Medical Insurance

Do you like to wait?

Waiting is especially difficult when your medically suffering! Long term pain such as Hip Dysplasia is difficult to deal with and impacts on your ability to function daily and enjoy life. An average of 464 people per month have been waiting longer than six months for their specialist assessment through the public health system*On the waiting list your Medical can deteriorate and you may end up with a more acute condition. 

Can you afford to wait?

Why Medical Cover?

People often say there’s nothing more important than your health, and they’re right. That’s why medical insurance is key. Without your health you haven’t much else, so choosing medical insurance is a smart idea, because it helps you deal with medical problems better should they arise.

The benefits of Medical Cover

Medical Cover allows you to skip the waiting list and be treated within a couple days as opposed to months. Our insurance advisers make it easy to apply and get the level of cover that you need.

Other benefits that can be added to Medical cover include: 

  • Choose how, where and when you get treated            
  • Financial Support-less stress about how to pay medical bills
  • Quicker Treatment-avoid long waiting lists
  • Latest Medical Procedures
  • Greater Certainty-cover now for the unknowns of future health issues

Common questions about Medical Cover

How much Medical cover do I need?

There are various options to choose from:

  • Base Hospital Plan
  • Specialist and Diagnostics
  • Dental and Optical
  • Proactive Health 

How does Medical Insurance work?

If you are diagnosed with an illness or disability your medical insurance can cover you up to $300 000 for in hospital surgeries and up to $200 000 for in hospital medical and cancer treatments. This is covered just on the Base Hospital Plan.

Can my spouse/partner or children be covered too?

You can add your spouse or your children onto your medical plan. In some cases you can have your children covered without insuring yourself. 

Do you need help discovering the best medical insurance option for your needs?

Here at Advanced Insurance Solutions we have customised medical products not available to the direct market. Let us help you to not become a statistic but a solution to your health needs. 

For more information on Medical Cover Insurance please contact us at Advanced Insurance Solutions so we can help you with any questions you might have, and to assist you into the best option for your personal circumstance.

To see how insurance cover would best suit you and your circumstances feel free to contact our Insurance Broker, Sarah Bately.

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