First Home Buyers Guide

Buying your first home is one of the biggest steps you will ever take in your life.

From the outset the process can seem quite daunting, particularly if this is the first time you are looking at purchasing a house. Or it may have been a while since purchasing your own home.

This is where we come in! We have refined the process and developed a simple (and fun!) 1st Home buyers guide to help you on your journey. It will help you step comfortably through the process of buying a house, with lots of little things to consider along the way such as school zones.

We offer this free guide to all our clients, regardless of their experience in buying or selling. 

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Free 1st Home Buyers Guide from Advanced Mortgage Solutions

Thanks for all your hard work Scott, we really appreciate your assistance. The 1st Home Buyer’s Guide was so helpful, the guide helped us understand the buying process and at what point of the buying process we were. Thanks again.Rose Brooking

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Even if you do not feel you are quite ready to purchase, we'd still love you to come and meet with us. We can help you prepare for when you are ready to buy. 

Understanding the things that lenders want to see when making an application for finance can ensure you are a step ahead and know what you need to get that "Yes" from your application.

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That's such an exciting decision and we'd love to be there on your journey! Come and talk to us about your personal situation, finances and goals so we can help you understand what options might best suit you.

We will take you through the process of successfully obtaining finance for your chosen property or get you pre-approved. So you can then start looking at property options.

Once you have found a home, we will go over your options to structure your loan to suit your individual needs. This is one of the most important parts of the process. Structuring your home loans correctly can save thousands of dollars, and months or even years on your repayments. In many cases the typical 25 year principal and interest loan can be the most costly way to pay off your home. However, there are tricks and tips that can help even further.

But don't worry, we'll step you through this so you can easily understand all your options and choose the ones that achieve your goals comfortably.

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  • It wouldn't be wrong to say that Scott is the best in town. In 2019, we initially reached out to him based on stellar Google reviews while purchasing our first home. Now, in 2024, for our new property, choosing Scott again was a no-brainer. His exceptional skills as a mortgage advisor speak for themselves; he truly excels in his field.
    Udeep Regmi - 08 April 2024
  • When we began our journey towards our first home purchase, Greg was a specialist that we decided to ask for a mortgage advice. All the info that Greg gave us was structured and almost completely understandable even for those who know absolutely nothing about buying a house. Greg was truly patient to explain us things that we struggled to figure out on our own. We really appreciate his guidance, and fairly can recommend him as a wonderful mortgage broker.
    Nadezhda Sivers - 02 April 2024
  • I recently purchased my first home and it's all thanks to Scott at Advanced Mortgage Solutions.
    Georgina Stanley - 27 March 2024
  • Been a really great working with Scott, he made the process really smooth and stress free. 100% recommend to anyone looking for mortgage advice. Great sense of humour too
    Natalie Eustace - 21 March 2024
  • Fast process, easy to understand and amazing communication from Scott!
    Krizzia Pierard - 13 March 2024