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With our team by your side, getting the right mortgage for your situation is easy.

Whether you are buying your first home, investing in a property rental, or restructuring your existing mortgage for the best financial outcomes - getting expert mortgage advice does not need to be hard. 

Our team have decades of experience and know the financial lending market inside out. Our favourite moments are when we see the relief and excitement in our clients' eyes; after we've had the privilege of helping them realise their dreams. And the best thing is, our advice is entirely free to you.

Based in Christchurch, our Registered Financial Advisors have you covered with advice and support in:

  • First Home Loans
  • Refinancing & Restructuring
  • Investment Purchases
  • Preapproved Finance
  • Construction Loans
  • Renovations
  • Grants & KiwiSaver

We love making the house-buying and mortgage process as easy as possible. Check out our 200+ 5 star reviews and if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please get in touch.


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Free Mortgage and Loan Advice

The mortgage market can be highly complex and confusing, especially when you are buying your first home. There are literally hundreds of options available with lots of different banks and structuring options.

Sometimes the lowest interest rate isn't actually the best strategy for your financial situation and goals. Sometimes applying for a loan directly through a bank can see your application declined. 

Using a mortgage broker means we can sit down and discuss your financial situation and your family goals. Then we can work out the best strategy for your loan structuring and which grants you can apply for. We'll apply directly to the banks that best fit your mortgage structuring, organise pre-approval, and when the big day comes to buy your home, we'll be on call to support you through the whole process.

And, our advice is entirely free to you.

Why Advanced Mortgage Solutions?

So why choose to work with us?

  • Our approach is completely personalised and transparent
  • We are Registered Financial Advisors
  • Our mortgage brokers are award-winning
  • We have decades of experience
  • We're local and understand our local property market
  • We understand the home loan market and all its complexities inside out
  • We nurture long-term relationships with our customers to give them the very best services possible

Still not sure? That's ok, our advice is definitely to do your research and ensure you find the best mortgage advisor to help you with your home loan process.

Have a look at out our 200+ 5 star reviews and see what others are saying and if you're ready for a chat, we welcome your enquiry.


Our team at Advanced Mortgage Solutions in Christchurch

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We have some great information throughout our site to help you get started in learning about getting your first home loan, calculating your repayments and more. Have a look around and when you are ready for a chat, get in touch.

Free Advice for Home Owners

Our mortgage brokers have decades of experience helping clients navigate through the challenges of purchasing a home. Whether it’s a new build, a second home, your first time or your tenth time, get up to date on your options and easy solutions. We love a challenge, so even if you’ve been turned down for a loan in the past, we’re here to help.

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Loan Calculator

Our process is transparent. Check out our loan calculator to get an estimate on your repayment plan instantly.

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Construction Loans vs Land and Build (Turn Key) Loans

Your property purchase is a significant investment. Our team will negotiate the best rates for your loan and help you discover the right repayment options.  We’ll also walk you through protecting your investment.

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Decades of Dedication

We’re just going to throw it out there. Our team is comprised of experts obsessed with helping people find financial solutions. Learn more about our team, testimonials on service, and our guarantee to every client we serve.

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  • Scott is wonderful to work with, which made the hole process so much easier and stress free. Highly qualified highly recommended. In there for the customers
    Karla Botting - 06 December 2023
  • Scott was fantastic to work with, honest and hard working, went the extra mile on everything, explained the nitty gritty jargon into easy to understand. Got us a great deal on our mortgage, put us with the right people. All in all 6 stars, if your buying then definitely call Scott at AMS!!
    Hamish Neilson - 06 December 2023
  • I used Scott at Advanced Mortgage Solutions for my first home purchase and am currently repurchasing a property through him again. Has been absolutely amazing and made the process extremely easy. Would recommend to anyone looking for a mortgage broker in Christchurch!
    Stacy Kamo - 29 November 2023
  • Scott and the team at Advanced Mortgage Solutions are great! Very knowledgeable and they make the house buying process very simple and easy to understand. Cannot recommend them enough!
    Scott Harris - 20 November 2023
  • Friendly and personalized service. Always happy to answer all my questions and love getting to see Gus when we meet in-person.
    Lisa French - 20 November 2023

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