Trauma Cover

What necessary changes would you need to make if you suffered a serious illness such as cancer, heart disease or stroke?

In the case of a stroke would you need to make renovations to your home to allow wheelchair access, or buy a new vehicle?

Will your expenses increase to provide for home care?

So a person suffering from one of the four main traumatic conditions (heart attack, heart disease, cancer or stroke) has a nearly 50% chance of surviving for up to 10 years beyond the critical incident. However, in many cases this involves a reduced ability to work causing major lifestyle changes. A lump sum benefit can make a real difference in meeting these costs.

What is Trauma Cover?

Trauma Cover will pay a lump sum if you suffer for the first time after the cover starts from one of a number of critical illnesses and conditions. So for some critical illnesses, a percentage of the lump sum is paid in advance on diagnosis.

The benefits of Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover allows you to cope with these unexpected medical costs associated with being disabled. 

Other benefits that may be  included in Trauma cover include: 

  • Future insurability can increase your Trauma cover without medical evidence on the occurrence of certain events           
  • We Pay Your Premiums-basically insurance for the Trauma insurance policy
  • Level Term Cover-this allows you to keep the premium the same each year up to age 90.
  • If added to life cover you can select an accelerated or stand-alone benefit. 

Common questions about Trauma Cover

How much Trauma cover do I need?

The level of Trauma cover you choose will depend on your needs. Things you'll need to consider:

  • Do you have a mortgage to cover?
  • So how about the credit card debt or any other hire purchases?
  • Also will your partner/spouse survive with a loss of your income?
  • Indeed do you have enough money to cover for additional medical expenses? 

Can I use my Trauma cover on anything?

If your claim is accepted, it's up to you to decide how to use the money. So maybe you'll need to settle debt - such as your mortgage, day-to-day bills, or to extend passage ways in your house or buy a more accommodating vehicle if you were paralysed.

Can my spouse/partner be covered too?

We don't offer joint Trauma cover but your partner can apply for Trauma Cover separately.


Do you need assistance reviewing your Trauma Cover options?

To see how insurance cover would best suit you and your circumstances feel free to contact our Insurance Adviser, Sarah Bately.

Contact Sarah >

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