Client Guarantee

At Advanced Mortgage Solutions we value service above all else.

These are our detailed guidelines of what services you can expect to receive throughout the application process with Advanced Mortgage Solutions. We want you to feel completely satisfied with our services. If you have questions, contact us immediately for free advice on your mortgage, financing and insurance needs.

Initial Contact

    • When you first contact us to make an appointment for the first time. You can expect a return call that same day. We will discuss your strategic relationships which include your solicitor, accountant, property valuer and real estate agent. Then we will provide you with high quality, proven referrals if necessary.
    • By the end of our first call, you will know what documents we will need. We will give you our personal disclosure statement, client service guarantee and testimonial page. Also we will follow up the next day to confirm you have received these documents from us. As you begin sending documents to us, you’ll receive confirmation receipts immediately. 
    • We will contact your lawyer, accountant and real estate agent on receipt of the sale and purchase agreement. Hence we can introduce ourselves and look after the lending on your behalf. When we have all the documents, our team will check them and provide you with the best options within two working days
    • Once approved and accepted the application will be submitted to the lender the next day. You will receive advice that the application has been submitted immediately,. You will then be notified when to expect a response from the bank. Throughout this stage, we will be informing you about the progress of the loan, every day until it is approved.
    • Furthermore we will send an unconditional finance offer to your solicitor the day that the loan is approved. We will contact you one week before the settlement date. Indeed just to check that everything is on track. On settlement day you will receive a call from us to congratulate you! We will follow up with you one a week later to ensure that you are happy with our service and your lending.

Latest News

Miller, Scott
24 March 2020

Published by Scott Miller

Today's announcement on Mortgage Holidays

With today’s announcement by the Finance Minister about 6-month mortgage holidays, we have been inundated by enquiries from our clients.

  • Scott and his team made the whole process of getting a home loan so much easier when I pushed the panic button more than once.
    Oki Cole and Patrick Dench - 16 January 2020
  • As first home buyers we had no idea what we were doing and wanted to put an offer on a deadline sale.
    Anna and Gareth Davies - 9th October 2014 - 09 October 2014
  • A huge thanks to Scott for his knowledge, advice and professionalism through our entire first home buying experience.  
    Jamie Hetherington and Michelle Roundhill - 01 December 2016

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