Kiwisaver, HomeStart Grant, and Welcome Home Loan Information

There is a lot of information out there about what's required to purchase a property. However there is a lack of accurate information around assistance from your Kiwisaver funds and the HomeStart Grant.

The information below covers the process and criteria of using these products. There are some changes from region to region. So please feel free to contact me to discuss if further details are required. The information below is for the region of Christchurch.

For first home buyers we’ve created a helpful guide which you can find here


Anyone can use their Kiwisaver funds to purchase their first home. There are no restrictions on how much you earn or how much the property costs to purchase.

However, Kiwisaver funds can only be used to purchase a property to live in and cannot be used to purchase a rental property.

There are second chances to using your Kiwisaver funds if you have owned a home before – it’s a little detailed so call me on 021 343 648 to discuss your ability to gain a second chance.

HomeStart Grant

The HomeStart Grant can be applied for when you have been in Kiwisaver for more than three years and you are under the following caps.

A single applicant doesn’t earn over $85,000.00 a year. A dual applicants’ income isn’t over $130,000.00 a year. There are no exceptions to these caps.

A purchase of a pre-loved property cannot be higher than $500,000.00 and a build cannot be above $550,000.00. If a build is being completed, then your HomeStart Grant doubles over purchasing a pre-loved property to a maximum of $10,000.00 per application (Maximum of 2 applicants).

First Home Loans

The First Home Loans is only available to Kiwi’s or people holding Permanent Residency that are looking to purchase their first home to live in.

The same income caps and purchase price caps apply as when applying for your HomeStart Grant (see above).

There are second chances to using the First Home Loans if you have owned a home before – it’s a little detailed so call me on 021 343 648 to discuss your ability to gain a second chance.

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