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May 2018's Property Gazette

We’re Predicting Housing Market Stability!There’s no need to man the lifeboats and start paddling away from your dream of home ownership just yet.

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April 2018's Property Gazette

6 Reasons to Review Your Insurance1.

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March 2018's Property Gazette

Things are looking up for Christchurch real estate buyersAs we welcome the change in season this March, Christchurch home buyers have a lot to look forward to.

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January 2018's Property Gazette

Will 2018 be a year of change?Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to helping our clients achieve their property goals this year, including you! 2018 is set to be a...

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December 2017's Property Gazette

Happy Holidays from All of Us!December has arrived, and the Christmas holidays are now on the radar.

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November 2017's Property Gazette

Should we expect property changes from Labour?The new Labour, Greens and New Zealand First government is up and running.

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October 2017's Property Gazette

How will the election affect interest rates?Which parties will make up our new Government? It’s the question on everyone’s lips and the party leaders don’t seem to be giving anything...

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September 2017's Property Gazette

How to Avoid Paying Extra Mortgage FeesInterest rates remain low and the Reserve Bank has recently indicated they do not see them rising soon.

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August 2017's Property Gazette

 When Was Your Last Interest Rate Health Check?Everyone’s talking about interest rates.

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July 2017's Property Gazette

Choosing Between an Interest Only and a Principal and Interest Home LoanIt’s plain and simple, there is a lot of options out there when it comes to home loans.

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  • Scott was great, he understood what I wanted to do and put it into action.
    Brad Alderslade - 25 June 2018
  • So proactive, answers all questions quickly and doesn't make you feel silly for some of the things you ask.
    Ben McBride and Ashleigh Blair - 29 February 2016
  • Thank you again for your help. We couldn't have done this without you. :)
    Billie Smith and Tom Morgan - 31 July 2019

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