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Why Choose a Broker over a Bank?

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Have you noticed that Easter is just around the corner?

We have welcomed many new clients during the past month. Our new clients decided to choose us as their mortgage broker instead of talking to their bank. Let us tell you why …

A bank adviser can only sell you products from their bank. While they may offer a few different rates, they cannot offer you the same range of rates or products as a mortgage broker can. A mortgage broker works with many different banks and lending institutions to get you the best deal available.

It’s true that some banks do not offer as many products as other banks. It also gives them the chance to sell additional services, such as insurance, credit cards and personal loans.

A mortgage broker, on the other hand, knows what is happening with the whole market, not just at one bank. They’ll be able to tell you which lenders work best with borrowers who are looking to purchase their first home, an investment property, with bad credit history or who is offering the lowest rates. A broker also does all the leg work for you! After all, it is no fun filling out an application form for every bank you approach.

You can even start applying for your mortgage right now on our website. Head over now to Apply for Your Home Loan.

Banks Versus Mortgage Brokers – Who Will Win?

It’s the age-old battle, bank verses broker. Which one will you choose?

With banks, it pays to shop around to make the right choice for you. Make appointments, ring them on the phone, send emails and check out their websites. Of course, that all takes time.

Or you could call us instead. We’re your one stop mortgage shop. We’ll do all those emails, phone calls and appointments for you. One of the major benefits of working with us, other than getting you access to the best rates around, is we do all the work for you.

We’ll also work with you towards getting your first home if you are not quite ready. We want you to get the home of your dreams and sometimes a little more planning is required..

Head over to our website and read about the five ways we will make getting the best home loan for you quickly and simply. Or if you’re ready to apply now, give us a call now on 0508-466-356 for free and confidential mortgage advice.

Mortgage Protection – Are you covered?

Your home is the most expensive asset you will likely own, and most people wouldn’t dream of not having in insured.

However, the sad reality is that many people who own a home, do not have any income or mortgage protection cover in place to protect themselves for the day when they may be unable to earn an income due to accident or illness.

This is a leading cause of Mortgagee sales in New Zealand, and could be easily avoided with the right protection in place.

Mortgage Protection cover is affordable & is something that everyone with a Mortgage should consider. Talk to us so that we can show you the best options for your situation.

  • AMS provided excellent advice and a great range of finance options to meet our requirements. Scott Helped us throughout the process and removed a lot of the hassle that you normally go through working directly with the banks.
    Evan and Nadja Beker - 21 March 2012 - 21 March 2012
  • Scott and his team made the whole process of getting a home loan so much easier when I pushed the panic button more than once.
    Oki Cole and Patrick Dench - 16 January 2020
  • Scott was always friendly and professional, and seems very knowledgeable about all the different lending institutions.
    John and Anna Sinclair - 05 May 2016

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