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Jargon Buster

Please enjoy the Jargon buster below.

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Asking Price: The listed price of the property.

Assessed Value: The valuation placed on the property.

Auction: Real estate that is sold to the highest bidder.

Body Corporate: The administrative body made of the owners of a group of units or apartments of a strata building.

Bridging Loan: A short term loan used to cover the financial gap between buying and selling.

Building Inspection: A thorough inspection by a licensed builder that evaluates the structural and mechanical condition of the property.

Buyers Market: When the demand for property is less than the supply of property the advantage shifts to the buyer.

Caveat: A warning on the title that a third party may have an interest in the property.

Certificate of Title: A description of a property that includes the name of the registered owner and any encumbrances such as mortgages and easements. Included in the contract of sale prepared by the solicitor.

Commission: A proportion of the sale price (generally a percentage) of a property paid to real estate agent for negotiating the sale.

Contract of Sale: An agreement in writing that details the terms and conditions in regards to the sale or purchase of a property.

Covenant: Terms, conditions and restrictions noted on the title.

Deposit: A percentage of the purchase price given at the time of exchange to bind the sale.

Easement: A right that someone has to use the land that belongs to another. An example is a water authority having a sewerage easement.

Exclusive Authority: A written contract that gives one real estate agent the exclusive right to sell a property in a specified time period.

Exchange of Contracts: The point at which signed contracts are physically exchanged, legally committing the buyer and the seller to the purchase and sale of a property at an agreed price.

Fixed Term: A fixed period of time a loan is taken over - Usually taken to lower the cost of the loan as much as possible.

Floating Rate: Allows the loan more flexibility - the vendor can pay down lump sums without penalty, allows the loan to be fixed at a time that suits the owner.

Listing: A written contract between an owner and a real estate agent, authorizing the agent to perform services for the sale of the owners property.

LO: Lease Option - (call or email for further explanation)

Market Value: The price at which a seller is happy to sell and a buyer is willing to buy.

Mortgage Broker: An independent professional who has the ability to approach all the available lenders in order to broker the best deal for the client.

Offer: A sum of money that a buyer offers to pay for a property.

Open Listing: A type of listing agreement in which more than one real estate agent may be employed to sell the property.

Passed In: The highest bid fails to meet the reserve price of a property at auction and therefore does not sell.

Private Sale: The sale of a property by the owner without the use of a real estate agent.

Private Treaty: The sale of a property through a real estate agent by negotiation.

Purchaser: The people looking to purchase the property.

Reserve Price: The minimum price which a seller will accept at auction.

Roll Over Date: The date a fixed term loan comes to it end. A new fixed or floating term needs to be organised.

SLO: Sandwich Lease Option - (call or email for further explanation)

Settlement: The sale of a property is finalised by the legal representatives of the vendor and the purchaser and the new owner takes possession of the property.

Valuation: A written analysis of the estimated value of the property prepared by a qualified valuer.

Vendor: The seller.

Zoning: Local authority guidelines for the permitted use of the land.

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