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Mortgage Brokers Christchurch - Property Gazette - March

Published by Scott Miller on Thursday, March 07, 2013 in


Purchasing property over the February/March period has continued to increase as have the amount of properties for sale, however more properties on the market would help matters. The largest amount of feedback I am receiving from clients is there just isn't enough property to go around.

For those looking to purchase in Christchurch or Auckland this seems only to be set to get worse - My advice, keep looking - something will come along!

As you will read below, it has never been a better time to fix your mortgage. Please contact me NOW to see what I can secure for you.

So on with what’s happened this month.

      Current Interest Rates as at 7 March 2013

Variable             5.55%
6 Month Fixed    5.10%
1 Year Fixed      4.89%
2 Year Fixed      5.35%
3 Year Fixed      5.39%
5 Year Fixed      5.75%

The old saying “It starts in Auckland and then spreads down the country” looks to be ringing true with recent housing market data seeing a broadening strength of house sales across the regions in New Zealand. Mortgage approval numbers continue to rise adding further fuel to the building momentum in the property market.
The only concern to this is the increased level of commentary from the Reserve Bank who seem to want to hold interest rates low to stimulate growth across the country while not wanting to see the property market become too heated, which you could argue has already occurred in the “big smoke”.
They only have a couple of levers they can pull. One being interest rates and of course the other being to bring in restrictions around the loan to value ratio they allow banks to lend on homes. The latter could be politically be a very dangerous move, particularly if as suggested it is aimed at the region of Auckland.
Economic growth does appear to be finally kicking in with many economists predicting consistent growth of between 2.50% to 3% over the next 2 years. This growth may be enough to keep the Reserve Bank at bay in relation to keeping interest rates unchained for the foreseeable future. However, we suggest now is a good time for you to have your eyes and ears open as changes could be afoot in the not too distant future. We lean toward the Reserve Bank falling back on its more traditional control mechanism so watching interest rates over the course of 2013 could be advantageous.
Which brings us to our current borrowing strategy, with competition among the banks heating up in the 2 & 3 year fixed brackets there are some striking deals there at present, we have seen 2 year rates at 4.99% and 3 year at 5.39%, how can that be a bad price? Personally this writer favours them. As always though give us a call, as everyone’s circumstances are different.

What's Hot

Well it’s not hot but you need to know about it. ANZ have lead the charge and nothing surer their competitors will be right on their heels, with the Bank now controlling the valuation process, as such you or the client will no longer be able to choose the valuer you want to value a security property. It is designed to protect the bank and consumers but will slow the process.  

Deal of the Month

Last month we helped a client into another investment property when he had been told NO by his existing bank. He had only been self-employed for 7 months but with well put together interim financials and some good supporting information we were able to get him not only approved by an interest rate of 4.99% fixed for 2 years, he was a very happy man - Call us we deliver!

Mortgage Brokers Christchurch - February's Property Gazette

Published by Scott Miller on Wednesday, February 06, 2013 in
                  Current Interest Rates as at 5 February 2013

Variable                 5.55%
6 Month Fixed        5.10%
1 Year Fixed          4.95%
2 Year Fixed          5.35%
3 Year Fixed          5.65%
4 Year Fixed          5.99%
5 Year Fixed          5.99%

Interest Rate Outlook

The summer heat has been wonderful, not only for holidays but to help keep the fire lit under the property market. We have seen house sale numbers and building consents at their highest since 2008. Despite taking a bit of a breather over December and January we have still seen both house sales and prices increase year on year from 2011 to 2012 at circa 8% & 6% respectively. By the way 2013 has started this does not look like easing up any time soon.

Building consents are really starting to make an impact as the Christchurch rebuild has well & truly kicked in. The Auckland Super City Council are trying to free up more land to address the housing shortage, although word from developers in the region note the bureaucracy within the Super City council is enough to dampen the desires of even the most passionate developer!

Despite the strength of our housing market our overall economic growth in 2013 will still be heavily dependent on international markets such as Europe & the US. The problem here is these countries continue to grapple with the fallout of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis of the last 4 years) leaving us particularly dependent on Asia’s demand for our primary produce. Essentially 2013 is shaping up as more of the same as 2012, best defined as “grumpy growth”, although, growth, nonetheless.

What about interest rates?

There continues to be speculation that interest rates will rise (purely because they have never been this low), however our outlook has them stable for the majority of 2013 (well at least at this stage). Having said that there still appears to be more value in the 1 or 2 year fixed rates than the variable interest rate. As such fixing for 1 or 2 years appears to offer the most value currently, although for those of you with sizable debt there is a lot of common sense in splitting your debt across 2 or 3 fixed periods to diversify your interest rate risk.

What's Hot

The “sweet spot” for banks in terms of interest rates seems to currently be around the 2 year fixed rate. For clients with Loan to Value ratios of less than 80% we are currently seeing rates as low as 4.99% for 2 years being offered.

Deal of the Month

Christmas clearly saw some generous family conversations take place as in January we had 2 lots of clients whereby Mum & Dad provided guarantees for first home buyers, the good news is that now days these guarantees are only limited to 15% of the value no of the loan not 100% - Call us we deliver!

Mortgage Brokers Christchurch - December's Property Gazette

Published by Scott Miller on Monday, December 03, 2012 in

Current Interest Rates as at 01 December 2012  

 Variable                     5.55%  
6 Month Fixed            4.95%
1 Year Fixed              4.95%
2 Year Fixed              5.15%
3 Year Fixed              5.60%
5 Year Fixed              5.99%

Interest Rate Outlook

Variable interest rates are at a record 48 year low while shorter term fixed rates such as 1 year are at an all-time low being the lowest they have ever been since fixed rates were introduced.
While house sales and building permit consents are at a 5 year high and the number of days for houses to sell at a record low of 31 days in some markets (namely Auckland and Christchurch).
On top of this the last 2 months have seen positive long term permanent immigration reversing the trend of the previous 12 months.
These positive trends are being supported by new government initiatives recently announced whereby government will be working closely with local councils to increase the amount of available land for residential use. Government has also committed to increased funding for roads, water & waste facilities to such development opportunities. This coupled with resource management reform will speed up the time it takes to obtain consents as well as provide more certainty for developers to act will certainly help increase the available stock and therefore affordability.
In terms of the most advisable interest rate option currently, there really aren’t any bad choices, although we seriously question the value of variable rates at present with all fixed rates out to 3 years the same or lower than the variable rate. Short term money of 6 or 12 months is as low as 4.95% which could be great for those trying to free up some extra cash for Christmas, although if possible the far smarter option is to take the opportunity of lower interest rates to make higher than required mortgage payments greatly reducing the term of your loan and thus the amount of interest you are charged – everyone’s circumstance are different so clients are best to talk to us.

What's Hot

The Christmas rush is on as many clients look to get themselves into a new property prior to Christmas. We’ve had a fantastic year in business and it is in no small way thanks to you & your support. Thanks again for your referrals they are greatly appreciated & not taken for granted.

Deal of the Month

We now have access to a genuine “Lo Doc” lender, whereby self-employed clients who are unable to provide up to date financials can still obtain a mortgage at competitive market rates, last month we helped 2 clients in this situation - Call us we deliver!

Christchurch Mortgage Brokers - November's Property Gazette

Published by Scott Miller on Tuesday, November 06, 2012 in


Current Interest Rates as at 05 November 2012

Variable               5.60%  
6 Month Fixed      4.95%
1 Year Fixed        4.95%
2 Year Fixed        5.15%
3 Year Fixed        5.60%
4 Year Fixed        5.99%
5 Year Fixed        5.99%

Interest Rate Outlook

The growth we enjoyed in the first half of 2012 has slowed somewhat with most economists predicting a slower second half to the year. The positive spin off to this is that inflation is being held low which should result in a stable interest rate outlook for the next 12 months.
While it is stable we certainly do not expect any easing of rates although we did notice that across the ditch they felt compelled to drop their rates slightly. The predicated down-turn in Australian looks like it is finally landing.
The slow-down of the Australian economy, together with the unstable environment in Europe should see us return to positive migration numbers in 2013 which will help push the New Zealand economy in the right direction.
Additionally, the rural sector looks to be in for another strong year with many international growing markets facing difficult conditions which will see demand for our produce and dairy provide healthy returns to farmers which will flow through the entire NZ economy.
The housing market continues to suffer from contrasting forces, on-going low interest rates and a lack of quality stock sees prices continue to rise and days to sell shorten, however a genuine lack of stock in the hot Auckland and Christchurch markets is really holding the market back.
With the recent merge of NBNZ into the ANZ competition for your mortgage amongst the banks continues to heat up. There are all sorts of weird and wonderful deals being thrown at consumers from Galaxy tablets to cold hard cash and we are seeing interest rates at sub 5% levels for the right clients.
We still see the sweet spot in the interest rate cycle as the 2 year point, although for the more conservative clients they seem happy to pay mid 5% and lock it in for a bit longer. Our advice is to talk to us as everyone’s circumstances are different and you really need to make your decision based on your own situation.

What’s Hot

When a bank loses a client they call it “churn”, when they gain one from another bank they call it “refinance”, the gloves are off and we are seeing some amazing price deals both interest rate wise and in contribution to costs, call us with your client’s needs we are securing great deals!

Deal of the Month

In some instances registered valuations are required, in others they are not, this can actually be the difference between being able to do a deal and not, last month we saved a house purchase for all by financing it with no valuation - Call us we deliver!

Chistchurch Mortgage Broker - Property Gazette August

Published by Scott Miller on Thursday, August 02, 2012 in

Current Interest Rates as at 02 August 2012  
Variable              5.60%  
6 Month Fixed     4.99%
1 Year Fixed        5.15%
2 Year Fixed        5.35%
3 Year Fixed        5.60%
4 year Fixed        5.79%
5 Year Fixed        5.99%

Interest Rate Outlook

Despite record low mortgage interest rates, sales volumes remain constrained by relatively low levels of stock on the property market. With buyers competing for a limited quantity of available properties, the days to sell have fallen close to a three year low, with prices continuing to trend higher.

Sales volumes in all regions of New Zealand (bar one) are above the levels seen for the same period last year with Auckland and Canterbury remain the hotspots of growth. Strong mortgage approvals suggest momentum in the market will continue. The recovery in residential building activity from historical low levels is also showing similar regional demand in Auckland and Canterbury. Migration numbers remain volatile, but a turnaround in net inflows will support domestic spending and the housing market.

The residential market is delicately poised with low numbers of properties for sale and rising prices demonstrating competing tensions within the housing market. Support continues to come from record low interest rates and aggressive competition across all of New Zealand’s mainstream lenders who are literally buying business at present. However growth continues to be slightly constrained by affordability and consumers desire to reduce their debt while rates are low.

There have been small changes to fixed mortgage rates for terms of 2 years and less over the past month. These changes have "smoothed out" the mortgage yield curve which now has the 2 year rate as its low point. By contrast there have been no changes to the floating rate or fixed rates for terms of 3 years or longer.

In our view the RBNZ is unlikely to cut the OCR for the balance of 2012. However with 6 month to 2 year fixed rates all lower than the floating rate, borrowers have the ability to "lock in" interest rate cuts by fixing. We therefore believe it makes sense to fix for 2 years – 3 years, not in an attempt to "hide" from the possibility that the RBNZ might raise rates, but simply to save money.

What’s Hot

Specials – depending on the balance of the portfolio of a bank they often run a “special” to try and attract money for a specific term. As an example we have one bank offering 4 year fixed @ 5.79% and a completely different bank offering 5.99% for 5 years fixed – Please call me for more details.

Deal of the Month

We had a client stuck between the purchase of their new dream home and the sale of their pre-loved dwelling, with interest rates at a record low we were able to structure a bridging loan for them that was no more expensive than what they were paying out monthly - Call us we deliver!

Mortgage Broker Christchurch - Property Gazette July

Published by Scott Miller on Tuesday, July 03, 2012 in

Current Interest Rates as at 02 July 2012
Variable 5.50%
6 Month Fixed 5.25%
1 Year Fixed 4.99%
2 Year Fixed 5.35%
3 Year Fixed 5.60%
5 Year Fixed 5.99%

Interest Rate Outlook

Activity in the property market continues to show positive signs of improvement, particularly in Auckland and Christchurch. However, there are some mixed signals that continue to permeate across the market. Client debt serviceability and a net migration outflow is keeping strong growth across New Zealand at bay.

Low interest rates remain the key stimulating factor, though consumers are still moving cautiously with many still focusing on reducing their debt while interest rates are low. Aggressive competition amongst banks for business is allowing us to negotiate substantial interest rate discounts for our clients.

The New Zealand economy remains caught between positive factors such as low interest rates, the Auckland housing market, and Christchurch’s earthquake rebuild versus headwinds from a volatile and worrying global scene. This alongside a weak national balance sheet is providing mixed economic signals. Meanwhile as the unemployment rate continues to drift down over the coming year we should see an improving and evolving labour market, helping households to remain focused on rebuilding their savings buffer.

Fixed mortgage rates edged lower this month, with floating rates at levels not seen for 50 years. The 1 year rate is still the cheapest, and all fixed rates up to 3 years remain at, or below the floating rate. Given these considerations, we see merit in fixing; anywhere from 1 – 3 years.

What’s Hot

There is currently quite a disparity between banks and their individual credit appetites; we are seeing regular examples of one bank declining a client with the next bank happy to write the loan. Often this is driven by the weighted Loan to Value Ratio in a bank’s portfolio, as such your clients are best to talk to us as “No” does not always mean “No” - Refer to us!

Deal of the Month

Last month we had a self-employed borrower who had recently signed a large contract, significantly boosting their income going forward, with the re-emergence of Lo Doc lending we were able to help fund this guy into a new house which he had been told was not possible – he was delighted when we got him sorted (Not to mention the Referring agent) - Call us we deliver!

Christchurch Mortgage Broker - Property Gazette June

Published by Scott Miller on Sunday, June 17, 2012 in

Current Interest Rates as at 15 June 2012  

Variable                       5.50%  
6 Month Fixed             5.25%
1 Year Fixed                4.99%
2 Year Fixed                5.25%
3 Year Fixed                5.35%
4 Year Fixed                5.85%
5 Year Fixed                6.10%

Interest Rate Outlook

It’s a crazy world we live in. As the European economies continues to implode and the impact is being felt all the way down in little old New Zealand. Interest rates are now at a 50 year low in New Zealand and who knows where it will stop. We thought the best rates had landed some 6 months ago, only to see a further fixed interest rate cuts.

The world’s financial problems did not disappear in 2008 when the whole “junk mortgage bonds” episode was exposed. Despite governments printing more cash all this did was delay the ripple effect of this meltdown which is now coming home to roost across Europe.

Locally, we are seeing month on month increases in lending with some of the highest levels of borrowing for over 3 years. The property markets in Auckland and Christchurch are bubbling away with average time to sell in their low 30s (days), however outside of these areas it is still quite subdues as migration outflows continue to hinder growth across the country (less people = less houses required).

Most mortgage rates are lower this month than last, only the floating and 6 months fixed rates remain unchanged. We are now seeing sub 5% rates in the one year fixed space and sub 6% rates as far out as fixed for 4 years now.

So what is the best option?

It really is difficult to tell, we do not believe we will see any rate rises from the Reserve Bank this year but with the 1 & 2 year rates lower than the variable it is hard to see any value in remaining floating unless you believe that rates will fall further in NZ.

Currently we favour the 2 or 3 year rates in the early to mid-5% range, although we are seeing (particularly with investors) home loans being locking in for  4 years @ 5.95% giving them some long term security around their investment. Everyone’s circumstances are different and this dictates their borrowing strategy, talk to us so we can assess each individual on their own merits and advise accordingly.

What's Hot

Free Money! As the banks squabble over market share they are throwing cash at clients to win their business. Depending on the LVR and loan size we are seeing cash incentives to clients of anywhere between $1,000.00 - $2,000.000, crazy stuff, but great for the clients - Refer to us!

Deal of the Month

It happens, ugly matrimonial splits, last month we helped a client arrange funding for a new home while also arranging finance to pay out their partner until the matrimonial home sold, not easy but achieved, leaving both partners happy (well as happy as they can be) Call Advanced Mortgage Solutions - we deliver!

Mortgage Broker Christchurch - Property Gazette - May

Published by Scott Miller on Friday, May 04, 2012 in

                 AMS Property Gazette - May

I would like to start May’s Property Gazette by saying thank you to all those who visited our new Facebook page and clicked the like button. Your participation is most welcome.

If you missed this opportunity last month and would like to have a look please click here to be automatically taken to the Advanced Mortgage Solutions welcome page.

Now on with what’s happened this month.

Current Interest Rates as at 1 May 2012  

Variable               5.50%  
6 Month Fixed     5.40%
1 Year Fixed        5.40%
2 Year Fixed        5.55%
3 Year Fixed        5.85%
5 Year Fixed        6.65%
Interest Rate Outlook

There’s a more positive vibe in the market as the new financial year gets underway. The increase in general business and housing activity (which was widely predicted to occur in 2011) is now starting to appear.

This is being supported by good demand and prices for residential properties in the larger cities of New Zealand. The continuing population increase of Auckland, and the Christchurch earthquake rebuild mean that these 2 cities are leading the charge. The increase in house prices should start a flow on effect to other sectors in New Zealand.

This demand is now starting to push up an increase in both residential property rents and values. These increases are driven purely by supply and demand. The shortage of houses being built (coupled with the perception that prices are rising), is creating strong demand in the market, even while economists are quoting various housing unaffordability statistics.
We have seen residential property values rise 3.0% across the country over the last year and are now just 3.0% off their 2007 highs. Auckland has led the charge, up 5.0%, followed by Christchurch at 4.1%, and Whangarei at 3.1%.

Mortgage rates have not changed and have held steady since the last round of reductions in mid-February. The mortgage curve has been very “flat” out to 2 years. We still believe the Reserve Bank will move rates up late in 2012 or early in 2013, this would suggest that it might be worth fixing for 2 or 3 years, particularly as longer term fixed interest rates can go up without a change to the official cash rate.

Now is a great time to look into your options. Please feel free to email me by clicking here or contacting me on 0508 466 356 to talk through what’s best for you.

What’s Hot

The market!
Money has never being so cheap and banks are fighting over each other for business. We have seen an increase in lending every month this year and feel that it is set to continue.

Deal of the Month

Consolidating debt can be a great way to reduce your monthly commitments and get back on top of your cash flow. Last month we refinanced a client’s debts, putting together the mortgage, car loan & 2 credit cards which were costing $1,880.00 per month into one loan @ 5.50%, reducing the payments by 690.00 per month to $1,190.00 per month - call us we deliver!

Property Gazette - April

Published by Scott Miller on Thursday, April 12, 2012 in

           Client News - April 2012

 Welcome to April’s Property Gazette.

This month has seen the completion of Advanced Mortgage Solutions Facebook page. Feel free to have a look around our page by clicking here – please remember to push the “like” button as this helps us get found!

Interest Rate Outlook

We could be excused from feeling like it is a case of “last one out turn out the lights” with the outflow of migration being the highest it has been in NZ since 2001. Yes, there is an outpouring to the perceived ‘lucky country’ in Australia, with some 38,000 leaving our shores last year, however this is offset somewhat by the inflow of 35,000 from other parts of the world, creating only a slight migration deficit - which is nowhere as bad as it may appear.

The outflow of Kiwis to Australia is certainly contributing to the stalling of our economy but the reality is nowhere near as bad as the perception. Of course, one of the things that our Kiwi cousins need to consider is the higher cost of property and living on the other side of the ditch, and while employment opportunities may be more plentiful the cost of getting into property can offset this benefit.

So we have immigration working against us and there is still a focus from Kiwis on deleveraging their balance sheet (or in layman’s terms repaying debt before entering into new purchases) which together with a continued lack of housing stock attributes to holding our growth back.

However, the stock that is hitting the Real Estate market is certainly moving quickly, particularly in Auckland and Christchurch, where average days to sell in both areas is now under 30, which is the lowest in over 2 years.

In relation to interest rates, we continue to enjoy historic lows which are helping with mortgage affordability. There is currently little to no difference between floating and 2 year fixed money and it is only if clients look to fix for longer than 2 years that there is an increase in interest rates carrying a small cost for the extra certainty of a long term fixed rate.

So what to do? It really depends on your personal circumstances, however we do see great value in being able to lock in low-to-mid 5% rates for 2 to 3 years. The only caveat is that you need to be 100% certain that you are not looking to sell your house or make large lump sum principal reductions during the fixed period.

Please contact me to go over your personal circumstances as interest rates have never been lower and are not likely to become lower than they are today.

Authorised v Registered

You may be aware that the financial services industry is now regulated - which is a great thing for you the consumer as it is all about protecting your rights.

There are two categories of Advisers, Authorised & Registered. Essentially, the main difference between the two is that only Authorised Advisers can give you advice in relation to Investment products while both Authorised & Registered Advisers can provide advice in the areas of Mortgages, debt and Insurance.

The most important thing to know is I am fully registered with the Government, (it is illegal to operate and not be registered). To check this out just go to  and type in Scott Miller. This will quickly confirm that I am able to approach New Zealand lenders on your behalf.

Reduce Payments or Keep Them the Same?

This message is definitely getting through, and more and more of our clients now enlist us to negotiate with their bank on expiry of their fixed interest rate. It is part of our on-going service and costs you absolutely nothing - in fact, the opposite applies in that we are able to negotiate the very best rate for you from your bank.

A question asked of us regularly when a client’s interest rate reduces is “should I reduce my payments or keep them the same?” If you can afford to keep them the same this is definitely a wise thing to do. Let’s look at a simple example to illustrate this.

We have a client with a $200,000.00 mortgage over a 30 year term currently on an interest rate of 6.50%, paying $1264.00 per month. If this rate expires today it is safe to assume we could re-fix in for at least 5.50%. This could drop the payments to $1135.00 per month -or if we kept the payments the same at $1264.00 this would reduce the term from 30 years to just over 24 years and save $51,921.00 in interest – not a bad option for most of us!

As mentioned above please contact me while interest rates are low.

Does a Line of Credit Work?

We are often asked by our clients whether a line of credit loan is a good option for them with their mortgage. Of course the answer is that it does depend on your own set of circumstances.

The main benefit of using a line of credit is that it allows you to run your income through your mortgage (while not losing access to the funds) and because banks calculate interest on a daily balance, any time funds offset your mortgage balance (as an example in the form of your wages) it will save you interest.

Often, the better option is to have only a portion of your mortgage on line of credit, with the balance on a standard principal & interest loan. This provides the flexibility many clients want, the benefit of being able to run your income through your loan, and the ability to enjoy the very sharp fixed rates that are currently available for principal & interest loans.

You are best to talk to me to understand the benefits of a line of credit and whether or not this option is best for your own circumstances.  

Property Gazette - March

Published by Scott Miller on Monday, March 12, 2012 in

Current Interest Rates as at 1 March 2012

Variable                   5.60%  

6 Month Fixed          5.40%
1 Year Fixed            5.45%
2 Year Fixed            5.49%
3 Year Fixed            5.85%
5 Year Fixed            6.65%
Interest Rate Outlook
As mortgage interest rates remain low they continue to provide fuel to the property
market. January house sales volumes lifted for the third successive month, with strong sale prices offset by an on-going lack of available houses on the market. This shortage is continuing to drive prices up.

Tempering the growth is the unstable employment market and continuing desire of households to pay down debt. These factors together with the uncertainty created by overseas economies will help damper a major boom in the property market, however overall it is predicted house price will continue to increase albeit at a slower steady rate. The possible exception to this is Christchurch where house and rent prices are rapidly increasing.

While the Reserve Bank do acknowledge that the property market is showing healthy signs of recovery they still have their focus centred on the European debt crisis, and all the noise coming from the Reserve Bank indicates that any interest rate movements to our OCR will not occur until the back half of this year. There are however some extremely low fixed interest rates available now that cannot be ignored. I believe for some people now is a great time to look at options – please read on for more information.

Mortgage rates eased further last month especially in the longer term 3 – 5 year fixed rates. Although this has made it cheaper to fix for 3, 4 and 5 year terms, these rates are still relatively slightly higher than the current shorter term rates. Similar to last month there is very little difference between floating rates and 1 – 2 year fixed rates - as such we still believe that the best options currently in the market are to either float, look to fix for 2 years or take a combination of both, splitting your debt.

Please contact me for a free assessment of weather these low interest rates are something that would help lower your mortgage costs in the short and long term – there are some real savings to be made at the moment.

What’s Hot

Free Money – get it now! The banks are currently running some crazy incentives with some giving away as much as $1,000.00 as an enticement for clients to take their mortgage with them. You will be surprised by the attractiveness of what we can get for you - Refer your clients now!


Deal of the Month

Last month’s client was a NZ citizen working as a “Miner” in Australia. He was trying to buy a home to live in and was using some equity in an existing block of land. After being frustrated through other sources he found his way to us and we got him sorted - call us we deliver!

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