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Advanced Mortgage Solutions - Property Gazette - July

Published by Scott Miller on Monday, July 04, 2011 in

Current Interest Rates as at 1 July 2011 

Variable                      5.40%  
6 Month Fixed              5.59%
1 Year Fixed                5.55%
2 Year Fixed                6.20%
3 Year Fixed                6.70%
5 Year Fixed                7.45%

Interest Rate Outlook

You can’t help but think that we might actually be our own worst enemies in slowing the economic recovery. There are so many variables that indicate we are set for strong growth but they have been this way for a while now.

We have a market shortage of quality properties on the market, those that hit the market well priced are snapped up and market rents are rising which will surely start to push people toward buying. We also have a whole new wave of potential buyers hitting market as KiwiSaver matures to a point that allows consumers to withdraw their and their employer’s contributions, as well as qualifying for the government first home buyer’s grant of $1,000.00 per year for every year you have been in the scheme.

So what is holding us back? Confidence or more to the point a lack of it, as a nation we are still sitting on our hands, afraid to spend, afraid to take a step and it is this lack of activity together with a net outflow in terms of migration that is holding our economy back. We just need a little more activity and demand and the market can get some momentum which it sorely needs.

Mortgage approvals are up just over 10% on 2010 so this is a good indicator and as soon as the rural sector actually starts spending their 2nd consecutive record pay-out as opposed to focussing solely on reducing debt the quicker the economic recovery will kick in.

In relation to our recommended borrowing strategy we hold a similar view to last month, we have no doubt that we will see rate increases in the last quarter of this year and as such feel that the shorter term fixed rates probably offer the best value as there is little differential between variable and 1 year or 18 month fixed rates. For those a little more risk adverse we suggest the 2 year rate still offers good value at less than 1% above current variable rates, as long as you realise you pay a small premium now to buy some security.        

What’s Hot

KiwiSaver, it has now reached the stage where consumers who have been in their Kiwi Saver for 3 years can withdraw their and their employers contributions together with a first home buyers grant from the government puts many of these people in a position to buy their first home.
Deal of the Month

Last month we helped a couple with 3 teenage kids restore control to their finances, things had got out of control over the past few years with them racking up 2 credit cards and 2 personal loans, we refinanced it all into one, saving them $500.00 per month - Call us we deliver!

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